Woodex S.A.
Bd. 1 Decembrie 1918 nr. 47
Orsova, Romania


The company was established in 1948 by communist authorities than in power in Romania as logging company under the name of IFET Orsova, with area of work in Mehedinti County in Southwest Romania.

The activity was extended to lumber production with construction of sawmill in Toplet in 1987.

The company was merged in Fagex Corporation Caransebes in 1994 and split in two branches-Orsova branch and Turnu-Severin branch.

For privatisation purposes, Fagex was divided in 1999 in 6 independent companies, one of them being Cerna Forest Orsova.

After privatisation, which took place in December 1999,when majority stake was bought by a group of private investors, company name was changed in Woodex.


Activities after privatisation

Under new shareholder policy, the company was reorganised in following way :
  • logging activity was transferred to new subsidiary Woodex Forest;
  • main sawmill in Toplet was modernised with italian equipment (Primultini, CML, Stromab, Secal, Nardi etc);
  • new company was established in Mehadia, Woodex Industries, where new investment will take place in massive wood laminated boards, which we expect to start production in December 2001.